From Farm Land to Shanghai in 20 Years

Posted by Carl Gould on June 07, 2011
7 Stage Success with Carl L Gould, entrepreneur, small business owner

I recently spent a week ‘on the Bund’ at an entrepreneur’s conference in Shanghai. I was
struck by the enormity of the city. Nearly triple the size of New York City, Shanghai is a very
cosmopolitan and diverse place. I expected congestion, gridlock and a messy city. I got none
of those. Shanghai is energetic, hustling and bustling with youthful energy and a positive
vibe. Many people, as I was, are drawn by the optimism that Shanghai seems to generate.
As a Business Coach, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the entrepreneurial feel of the city. At
every restaurant, in the streets and along the river walk, you could hear conversations about
business deals, up and coming events and all the possibilities that a vibrant environment could
generate. It was a bit disconcerting that the air quality was so bad; that you couldn’t see through
the smog for the entire week I was there. The hazy sky did detract from what would be an
otherwise brilliant skyline. Otherwise, you can count me in as one of the 18M+ people who
enjoy Shanghai on a daily basis. The locals reminded us visitors that it was but 20 years ago that
a big portion of Shanghai was simply farmland; and that the huge buildings that I see today had
virtually been built in the last two decades. The infrastructure that has been built is impressive
also. I took a 45 minute high speed train ride out to West Lake and it was one of the quietest train
rides I have ever been on. Very cool. China left its impression on me as an awe inspiring place
and a friendly culture. I look forward to my next trip back!

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