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Posted by Carl Gould on September 29, 2011
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I have been having a number of conversations regarding behavior modification recently. Specifically, how to convert online tools into offline action. How can you get an online business tool, like a business planning tool, or an online goal setting program to inspire an entrepreneur or executive to change their behavior? Can an online submission form get a business owner to take consistent action? If your knee jerk reaction is ‘No’, then we think alike. What is the missing link? In my opinion…us!  Accountability in the form of another person is a powerful behavior modifier. We play the role of Chief Back Patter or Chief A** Kicker, whichever is required in order to keep an entrepreneur on track. The medium of coaching and consulting is evolving, and the use of online tools to adjust offline behavior will become the new paradigm of consulting and coaching. We need the right tools (and the best tools) to do our work; and it appears those tools are going online. Coaching and Consulting? There’s an app for that! Stay tuned….

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