Carl L Gould’s Biography

A lifelong entrepreneur and business owner, Carl has been at the forefront of the entrepreneurial community globally. Carl is an award-winning coach and business mentor. Carl has teamed up with #1 International bestselling authors Ken Blanchard and Stephen R. Covey on their latest book project, Blueprint for Success. With 90 independently-owned-and-operated offices worldwide, Carl has created the farthest-reaching business mentoring organization in the world. Carl and his team of mentor coaches have overseen the development of thousands of small businesses on six continents; and have conducted over 50,000 coaching sessions with entrepreneurs.

There are patterns to success; and failure. His technology and upcoming book, The 7 Stages of Small Business Success, was designed to leverage the strategies of successful companies around the globe. Carl’s dynamic and engaging presentation style has made him one of the most sought after speakers in the world. Audiences will walk away from his presentations with the ability to align their corporate culture, uncover the hidden value of their business, build winning teams, and increase business profits with little or no additional cost.