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Posted by Carl Gould on December 20, 2010

The holidays are upon us! Regardless of your background, faith or culture, this is the time of year where we take a break (however short) to visit with family and friends and give thanks for the past year.

However prosperous or difficult your year has been, the New Year is almost upon us. Are you wishing that this year would hang around forever, or are you anxiously awaiting the New Year and a fresh start?

This issue of eSmarts will mark a milestone as well as we will be making changes to the format and content of the newsletter. We will be adding a new group that has joined the CMT Team.

Just as every present has a wrapping and you need to wait until you are given the gift before youcan look inside, I will hold off on anymore details until next month.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season andSee you next month!

 “Carl L Gould is the President and Chief DISCoverY Officer CMT International, LLC
(, the farthest-reaching business mentoring organization in the world. Carl’s unique approach to executive coaching, business mentoring and performance training helps his clients achieve results worldwide. His latest book, The 7 Stages of Small Business Success – From Startup to 7 Figures in Three Years or Less, will provide entrepreneurs and business owners a step-by-step formula to taking their businesses to the next level”. Gould is also the author and creator of The 7 Stage Turnaround Process. The 7 Stage Consultants help business owners grow their sales, increase their cash flow and lower their expenses using a proven method of business growth strategies.


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