Goal Setting: The What, The Why, The How

Posted by Carl Gould on November 22, 2010
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Goals are elusive because they are often too complicated. Keep it simple and avoid these mistakes.

Mistakes Most People Make When Goal Setting:
1. Too Vague
2. Stated in the Negative
3. Too Reasonable: Uninspiring
4. Lack of Deadline
5. Out of Your Control
6. Not Worded as a Direct Command
7. Activity-Focused and not Achievement-Focused
8. NO Plan “B”
9. Lacks Leverage

Use this sample format for creating an effective goal….

What: Objective you are committed to achieving (& by when)
• Written as a command, stated positive, 90 Day Time frame
Why: Is this important to you?
• List 3-5 Reasons (Big & Small) that will motivate you to keep going when times are tough.
How: Will you make it happen?
• List all actions (with specific deadlines). How will you know you are making progress

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