Become a Better Delegator Using Organization & Time Management Skills

Posted by Carl Gould on December 22, 2010
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“I love organizing my desk! Filing is fun! Admin is awesome! Carl L Gould.

It has been written that the devil is in the detail. Carl suggests that the heaven is in the detail.
While dealing with details and the ‘small things’ may not be sexy, the result of dealing with the
details often is. If you are struggling at times to stay motivated in dealing with organization,
it may be a question of focus. If you are focusing on how much you hate organizing, then the
entire endeavor will be a chore. If you focus on what organization will give you, you may find
organizing and time management more appealing. More and more, I realize that the world
belongs to the organized.

Further, the financial wealth of our planet resides with the people that know how to dot
their “I’s” and cross their “T’s.” Think about it, banks and financial institutions house virtually
all the money in the world. Why do we entrust them with our cash? Because they are great with
detail. They have proven to not be very good at investing our money. Yet, their proficiency with
the detail gives us the certainty that our money will be there when we come back to withdraw it.
Here are 2 tips for this month…

1. Handle Paper Effectively— if you open it, you own it. When it comes to mail (all types),
tasks, notes, letters, etc. Once you pick it up, see it through to completion. A huge time
waster is reviewing something and then not taking immediate action on it (how many of you
have opened your email, only to save them, promising yourself you’ll answer them later?)
‘Handle it once’ should become your new mantra.

2. D, D, D—Decide, Do it, Delegate it.

- Decide: Do I need to pick up this item and handle it now? Is this the best use of my time
right now? If so….

-Do It: Take the necessary action to complete the task to completion in the here and now.
If you can’t complete the entire task right now (because it is a longer term project), schedule an
appointment with yourself to complete the task or continue with the project.

- Delegate It: If it’s still on your desk or in your Inbox, then clearly someone else should
be doing this for you. Who do you know that has the skill and the desire to complete your
unfinished tasks and projects? The call to that person should be next on your list.

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