How to secure a second interview and win the job

Posted by Carl Gould on March 08, 2011
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First, a couple things to note.

1. Hiring managers are looking to interview candidates that match the image of their company.
So it they are a conservative company, they are looking for conservative people. It they are a
casual company they are looking for casual people.

a. Tip? Dress to match the image of that company. Dress professionally at all times of
course. However, ‘slant’ your attire in the direction of the company. If they are very
formal and conservative for example, wear navy blue, (Men) wear cufflinks,(Women)
wear longer skirts and conservative blouses. Conversely, if they are a more trendy
and cutting-edge company, (Men and Women) you would wear more fashion
forward business attire.

2. Hiring managers are judged by the people they recruit. They want to hire go-getters and
those that will go the extra mile.

a. Tip? Tell the hiring manager that you have a do-whatever-it-takes attitude, that
you ‘go the extra mile’ in order to help the company achieve its objectives. You
also need to act the part as well. That means you would be upbeat, have a positive
attitude and demonstrate flexibility during the interview process.

Know that you are being watched at all times. They might pull some tricks on you to see how
you will respond. For example they may ask you to wait, take an impromptu test, ask you off-beat
questions. Be flexible and play along. This will show them that you are a team player. Good luck
with your interview!

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