The Biggest Lie You Have Been Told As A Business Broker

Posted by Carl Gould on April 05, 2011
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“If I help the business owner improve his business, s/ he won’t want to sell.”

When a business owner decides they are going to sell, they also emotionally check out.  Isn’t it in your best interest to help the business owner get the most out of the transaction? They are leaving anyway, so wouldn’t it make sense to help them clean up their books and help their business command a higher purchase price? Cleaning up the books in a business prior to selling is akin to…

Cleaning up your car before you sell it.

Painting the house before you list it.

Waxing and polishing a boat before you wheel it out to the corner for prospective buyers to inspect.

Would you want these items to look dirty and run down? Would that command the highest price and fastest sale? You want whatever you sell to look its best so you can sell quickly and command the highest price, wouldn’t you?

Business brokers, consider offering business coaching and consulting to your service offerings so you can help business owners maximize their salability prior to listing.

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