How to Become a Good Mentor?

Posted by Carl Gould on November 18, 2010
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Here are my responses to an online interview that I gave regarding mentoring…how would you respond these questions?
What skills are needed to mentor another person?
Carl: To be a mentor, no skills are required. Your willingness to help another person is the number one ingredient in being an effective mentor. Your job as a mentor is to help somebody navigate a process or a part of their life/business that you have already successfully navigated. Experience sharing of how you are successful will be the most valuable to your mentee. You need to be willing transparent and share both your successes and failures with your mentee. A mentor is someone who sees the person inside the problem and helps them navigate through their maze successfully.
What challenges do you face as a mentor?
Carl: You will be judged based on the success (or not) of our mentee. You can guide them but you can’t do it for them. Don’t let the mentoring become about you and your skills. Share your experiences and our subject matter expertise, and then allow the mentee to discover the path and make the decisions for themselves.
What do you wish you knew when you first started serving as a mentor?
Carl: I never realized just how valuable the mentoring process was to the mentee when I first started. As I think back on my earliest mentoring assignments, I wish I knew that then.
What tips would you give someone starting out?
• Be authentic and be yourself
• Share real and practical experience – no theory here.
• Ask probing questions – the quality of your questions will determine the quality of the mentoring experience for both.
• Get trained in effective communication and active listening skills.
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