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Posted by Carl Gould on August 30, 2012
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Carl Gould of CMT International, Riverdale, NJ, points out that it can be difficult for a first-time manager to understand behavior style differences. He likens the newly promoted manager to the star baseball player who performed well in outfield (task oriented position) and was promoted to team coach (people oriented position). Our ex-ball player was not familiar with the “languages,” that is the behavioral style preferences, of his teammates and so he had difficulty transferring his knowledge to them. A new manager often faces the same predicament. The challenge in becoming a great communicator is to discover what personality types you are dealing with on your team and to adapt your style –that is the way you approach each person and how you present information or explain directives—to their personal style preference. “That’s the first step,” says Gould, “in developing a strong, cohesive, and high-ranking team.”
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