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Business Brokers, Why Are You Throwing Away 90% Of Your Leads?

Posted by Carl Gould on March 22, 2011
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When you network and meet businesses owners, how many of them are ready to sell their business? If only 1 out of 10 business owners are even thinking of selling, what are you doing with the other 9 leads? Consider these statistics…

According to research,

560,000 businesses will OPEN this year

530,000 businesses will CLOSE this year

Only 30,000 businesses will SELL this year.

You have built your entire livelihood around finding a needle in a haystack!

Most businesses owners dream of selling at some point and having something to show for their blood, sweat and long hours. What do business owners say to you when they realize that you are orchestrating a fire sale, and that the result of their years of hard work is a discounted price on their ‘assets’?

Finally, you can provide HOPE to the business owner when you can properly prepare their business for sale so they can MAXIMIZE the return they get for their business.  Have you considered adding business consulting and coaching to your practice so you have something to offer the other 90% of the leads that you have?

Business brokers, to what your leads are REALLY telling you when they say they want to sell. They want out from the stress and worry of their business not producing the financial return to match the amount of time and energy they are investing. Isn’t it time to hear that plea and provide a service that can help the business owner get what they want out of their business before they get out of the business?

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