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Event Carl Gould 14 July 2010 Tygervalley

Posted by Carl Gould on July 18, 2010
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Carl Gould, the globally respected award-winning executive coach and business mentor from New Jersey, USA, makes a welcome return to South Africa to launch his latest book: The 7 Stages of Small-Business Success.

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New Book Release!

Posted by Carl Gould on May 06, 2010
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Carl L. Gould
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Carl L. Gould releases new book;
The 7 Stages of Small Business Success: From Startup to 7 Figures in Three Years or Less
Riverdale, NJ — May 5, 2010 — “Get ready to throw out all your other business books on growing your business successfully. This is truly an excellent book.”, writes Jennifer Segerius, the CEO of Segerius Consulting in her review of the book on

Traditional advice on what it takes to successfully launch, grow or turnaround a business in this new economy will not serve you. What you need are the strategies that successful companies are using around the world to survive and thrive in this most volatile of economic times.
No newcomer to the entrepreneurial scene, Carl Gould has overseen the launch and development of over 4,000 businesses in just the last eight years alone. Gould has de-constructed his consulting and coaching methods and presented them in a step-by-step process to show you how you can take any idea and turn it into a million dollar business.
According to Gould, “The personality of the business will mirror the personality of its owner.” Every business has a winning personality hidden in it. It is my job to bring out the business’ winning personality. Because of an owners’ “mood swings”, most businesses experience feast or famine. Thankfully, there is no correlation between personality and performance. In other words, ANY personality style can be successful in business. “This book shows you how to play to your strengths while covering your blind spots in order to reach your maximum potential.”. If answered correctly, it can save both defendants and plaintiffs from mental anguish and ill-advised pursuit of a defense or lawsuit.” The book is available on Amazon® or directly from the author at
Gould serves on the advisory board of national and international organizations. He has written books, book chapters, articles and has appeared on radio and television teaching entrepreneurs how to achieve their full potential. Mr. Gould offers a free initial consultation to discuss the needs of your business and how you can step up to the next level. He can be reached at 973-248-6958
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Phone: 973-248-6958


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