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How business owners should present new ideas to their employees

Posted by Carl Gould on September 23, 2010
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As a small business owner I frequently need to make presentations to my staff. We cultivate a family-type and collaborative environment.  My preferred technique is to set the meeting agenda in advance and hand out a meeting worksheet so everyone has a copy. We either meet in one of the offices or in the boardroom, seated in a circular fashion. The staff often likes to try to solve the entire implementation process of an idea before the idea is even completed. So, I have to remind them to, “Stay with me guys. Don’t get a head of me; don’t fall behind me; stay with me.” I present the concept first, the process second and its implementation last.  For illustration purposes, I will set up a flip chart or a whiteboard and manually draw out the idea so everyone can follow along step-by-step. This has proven to be an effective method of keeping everyone up to speed on any new developments.

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