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Using Storytelling To Promote Your Business

Posted by Carl Gould on January 06, 2011
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I have successfully used storytelling throughout my business career. The three main businesses
that I have owned are…a landscape contracting company; a home building company; and a
business coaching company. I will give you an example of how I use storytelling in each of these

1. Landscape contracting company – Building the Perfect Backyard: I met Bob when he
first moved from the Midwest to New Jersey. We installed a new brick driveway at his
home when he first moved in. his home was a bachelor pad. He had just moved to New
Jersey and didn’t know many people. I asked him how he intended to meet anybody
given how remote the location of his house was. It took a while, but Bob did make some
new friends and soon began dating a woman he met through work. I got the call from
Bob one day that he and his lady were engaged and moving to a new home (closer to
civilization this time!). Way to go Bob! They wanted to have the wedding reception in
their new backyard and needed some guidance. We cleaned, cut, manicured, trimmed,
planted and mulched our way to a beautiful backyard setting. The wedding was a success
and Bob and his family still live in that home today, some 15 years later. Of course, he
credits all of his family success to his landscaper. J

2. Home building company – (Re)Building Your Dream Home: Ann and Rich were the
caretakers of a family owned plot of lakefront land. For years they have traveled to this
lakeside retreat, which was now in disrepair. They dreamed of spending weekends at the
lake house, but they needed enough room for the rest of the family to join them. We built
a stunning log home that was the envy of the entire lake community. Four bedrooms, two
baths, open floor plan and huge wood-burning fireplace created an idyllic setting for this
and generations to come. Ann and Rich’s wish was to get away to a log home, and they
got their dream!

3. Business coaching company – From Startup to 7 Figures in three Years or Less:
Andy wanted to let me know how my business coaching has benefited his family. Just 3
years ago, Andy loaned his son a substantial sum of money to open his own restaurant
(Beachwood BBQ- Seal Beach, Ca – This was not only his first
restaurant, but his first business. Andy gave him the money with two conditions:

1) He reads business books.

2) He allows me to mentor and coach him.

Well, after 18 months in business, he is profitable, has just been ranked # 3 in

California and #1 in Orange County!


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From the start, I was able to employ all of lessons learned from you, from “What are

your goals’ and “how are you going to get there” to drilling down to establish the brand,
holding him accountable to his plan and “being good for him” has all lead to Gabe’s (son)
transformation from a great technician to a great entrepreneur. I was able to focus and
make him aware of his “weakness” and by using some of the role playing you taught was
able to work through these challenges, adjusting his thought patterns, allowing him to
become more confident in his decisions and management style.

I just wanted to personally thank you for all of your business coaching. I look forward to the
continued training and education. A.G., Phoenix, AZ

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