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Business Brokers Get Funding For Your Clients

Posted by Carl Gould on March 29, 2011
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Are your transactions falling apart because you can’t find a lender who will fund the buyer?

There is plenty of investment money out there, are you sure where to look? Are you positioning your clients businesses so they are attractive to PRIVATE lenders as well? Are you helping your clients improve their cashflow so they are better positioned for funding? DO you have the tools to help your clients in this area?  Most buyers rely on traditional lenders to purchase a business. In this economic climate, traditional lenders are stretched too thin. You know the result…you list the business, find a buyer, but can’t close the deal because the buyer can’t get funded. What do you do now? On the one hand you have your client that has emotionally checked out of their business (if not financially). On the other hand, there is the buyer who is attempting to expand their business by acquisition.

Both companies are probably in a compromised cash position…and the deal falls apart.

Business brokers, finally, you can provide HOPE to the business owner when you can properly prepare their business for sale so they can MAXIMIZE the return they get for their business.  Have you considered adding business consulting and coaching to your practice? You can widen the scope of services that you can offer that could lead to more of your clients receiving funding.

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