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The Power of a Master Mind Group

Posted by Carl Gould on September 21, 2010
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The mastermind group started with the High Council of King Arthur’s Roundtable. Later popularized as the mastermind concept in the Napoleon Hill’s Book, Think and Grow Rich. The idea is that a collection of minds working towards an objective is more effective than anyone person working alone. This concept has proven successful and continues to be a very strong model for person and business growth.

Are you a business owner who belongs to a mastermind group?

CLG: Yes, I actually belong to two mastermind groups. I joined these groups for a variety of reasons. Since business owners make up only one in fifteen people, it is often difficult to have any dedicated time with one other business owner, let alone a group of them.  I enjoy the camaraderie of like minded individuals. I joined mostly for the social interaction. As a business coach, I also facilitate mastermind groups and I am the person that business owners come to for help. So where do I turn to? As a person who offers guidance and advice on a regular basis, it is refreshing to be able to take advice and be more of a participant as opposed to the facilitator. The two groups I belong to are The Winner’s Circle (TWC) and Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO).TWC meets 3x/yr and comes with an annual fee of $25,000; and EO meets monthly and costs approximately $3,000 per year. The major benefits are receiving feedback from other entrepreneurs and business owners, the networking, deal brokering, social interaction and just letting loose!

What are the drawbacks?

CLG: Not enough time together. Because we meet so infrequently, there are more ideas, conversations, and connections that need to be made than the time allows.

What have I specifically achieved because my participation in mastermind groups?

CLG: first and foremost, the friendships and relationships that I have created. I have made some great friends that will last long beyond my membership and participation in any group. New clients. I have expanded my business and generated new customers because of the high quality referrals that I have received. I have also discovered new and better ways to run my business by sharing Best Practices with other colleagues.

I would highly recommend looking into joining a mastermind group to take your personal and professional life to the next level. I can’t say enough about TWC( and EO ( Look into both of these organizations and I hope you find them as rewarding as I have.

Carl L Gould is the president and Chief DISCoverY Officer CMT International, LLC (, the farthest-reaching business mentoring organization in the world. Carl’s unique approach to executive coaching, business mentoring and performance training helps his clients achieve results worldwide.  His upcoming book, The 7 Stages of Small Business Success – From Startup to 7 Figures in Three Years or Less, will provide entrepreneurs and business owners a step-by-step formula to taking their businesses to the next level.


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