Become a Master of Rapport and Influence

Posted by Carl Gould on July 22, 2011
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Learn the secrets of the top influencers and persuaders in the world. Lean
how to close the sale in 8 second; and master the one question that will
help you sell your product and service to your customers’ highest values.

“Carl L Gould is the Chief DISCoverY Officer of CMT International, LLC
(, the farthest-reaching business mentoring organization
in the world. Carl is also the president of 7 Stage Turnaround, the world’s
leading business growth experts. Carl’s unique approach to executive
coaching, business mentoring and performance training helps his clients
achieve results worldwide. His latest book, The 7 Stages of Small Business
Success – From Startup to 7 Figures in Three Years or Less, will provide
entrepreneurs and business owners a step-by-step formula to taking their
businesses to the next level”


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