Preparing your employees for the future

Posted by Carl Gould on March 01, 2011
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Here are a couple of strategies to use when an employee doesn’t fit your growth plan. It’s always
good to share best practices, isn’t it?

1. Discuss the future of the company with the employee: we sit down with the employee and
explain to them what our future plan is. We let them know that we want them to be a part
of the future and where we see a fit for them. We explain the job position to them and ask
them if they see themselves as a fit for that position. We would then offer them training in
order for them to be prepared and familiar with the job.

2. Let them know the end is drawing near: when we have had a situation when we did not feel
that the employee fid not fit the future of the company, we have taken a different approach.
In the past we have informed them that our business is evolving and we don’t see a fit for
them.  We then ask them is we are in fact mistaken and they see a fit for themselves. If
they see a fit, we let them talk us into it. We can then judge whether or not they would be
properly prepared to take on the new role. Truthfully, the employee usually realizes that they
are not a fit but thanks us for giving them the opportunity. Once we have established that
they are not a fit, we give them flexibility in their schedule to seek a new position. We are
happy to provide letter of reference and any other means that we can provide in order to
help them find a new position.

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