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Steven Slater – The Next Reality TV Star?

Posted by Carl Gould on August 16, 2010
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Here are my answers to an on-line interview I gave regarding Steven Slater and his ‘leap’ from Jet blue Airways. Enjoy.

*What is it about Steven Slater’s actions that cause the public to rally and support him?

Most people can relate to being in a situation in life where they felt overwhelmed or stressed or just tired of doing something they just don’t feel like doing. Steven did what a number of people have thought of doing but just never took action on.

*How might current economic conditions have impacted/compounded Slater’s situation? *

It may be that there have be finical pressures that have been building up on Steven; or there may have been some word’ through the grapevine’ that there may have been jobs like his that would be cut. So he felt the need to go out on ‘his own terms’.

What does the strong public response to Slater’s actions possibly suggest? *

            Discontent with the slow recovery to the current economic conditions. Lack of certainty with regards to job future.

What are early warning signs of job dis-satisfaction, frustration, contempt for the public/clients, occupational stress, etc.*

            As early as the time when Steven was hired, a personality profile assessment could have been done to ensure that he was a good match for the position. An incident like this typically does not happen overnight…is there a mentoring, coaching or counseling program in place that would allow for employees to anonymously to seek help without fear of retribution by the employer? Was he tired,? Was he losing weight?  Did his eating or drinking patterns change? Were his moods different? Did he withdrawal from socializing with his co-workers? While this is just a partial list, these are some possible early warning signals.

What steps should frustrated employees take? *

            They could…contact a superior, write a memo, make sure they are fully utilizing their personal/vacation/sick days. On a personal side, making sure that they engage in activities that allow for stress relief i.e. physical exercise, socializing with family and friends, down time or any other activity that allows them to clear their head and recharge their batteries.

At what point should an employee throw in the towel? *

            Once an employee feels that they have taken every measure within their power to correct their situation and they feel their measures have been unsuccessful, they should plan heir exit strategically. Meaning they should secure new employment while maintaining a positive relationship with their current employer as not to burn any professional bridges.

What are possible consequences of going out with a bang a la Slater?

            On the positive side, there is a reality show waiting out there for him; he will get his 15 minutes of fame. On the negative side, he may find it very hard to find a job in the industry. He may find it very hard to find a job period.  On the other hand, if he was ever thinking of starting a business, now is the time. If he is unable to monetize on this incident rather quickly the expenses and overheads of managing his celebrity will catch up to him rather quickly.

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