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Spring has sprung in the northeast United States. How can you tell?

Posted by Carl Gould on April 07, 2011
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We have SNOW on the ground!

I have discussed many times the ‘Seasons of Business’ and that the hallmark of the winter season is its volatility. South Africa has joined the world recession (welcome aboard!), the Far East continues to struggle, the United States appears to be on the rebound a bit, Europe is still wading through its bailouts. Corrections are never comfortable.  Kudos to the Canadians and their conservative banking practices as they were not hit as hard as the rest of the world! The volatility continues. Remember to have your Up market strategy, your Down market strategy, and you Sideways market strategy in place….ready to deploy.

This business season is not something to avoid, rather it is to be embraced. Times of volatility bring with it opportunity. Keep your clients poised and ready for any shifts in the market. The company that can adjust accordingly will be the leader and the first to cash. Have a great month.

P.S. As they say, April showers bring May flowers. So don’t wish away the season you are in, enjoy and embrace it for the gifts that it brings.

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