I just wanted to let you know how your teachings have benefited my family.

In December of 2007, I loaned my son a substantial sum of money to open his own restaurant (Beachwood BBQ- Seal Beach, Ca – This was not only his first restaurant, but his first business. I gave him the money with two conditions:

1) He reads “The Blueprint for Success”

2) He allows me to mentor and coach him.

Well, after 18 months in business, he is profitable, has just been ranked # 3 in California  and #1 in Orange County, started paying me back and NOW, THE BEST PART- HE IS FEATURED IN THE APRIL(08) ISSUE OF ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE. (Check it out)

From the start, I was able to employ all of lessons learned from you, from “What are your goals’ and “how are you going to get there” to drilling down to establish the brand, Holding him accountable to his plan and “being good for him” has all lead to Gabe’s (son) transformation from a great technician to a great entrepreneur. I employed the assessment tests to determine his “blind” spots. From them, I was able to focus on and make him aware of his “weakness” and by using some of the roll playing you taught was able to work through these challenges, adjusting his thought patterns, allowing him to become more confident in his decisions and management style.

I just wanted to personally thank you and Dennis for all of your tutelage and training. I look forward to the continued training and education.

Andy G.
Phoenix, AZ