5 Branding Mistakes Your Mid-Size Business Should Avoid

Posted by Carl Gould on March 18, 2016

Branding is definitely one of the most important elements of any business regardless of its size. When someone mentions branding people usually think about small businesses trying to make their company name and logo recognizable. However, branding is an ongoing process and this means that mid-size and big businesses should constantly take care of this activity. By using proven branding tactics and strategies you can guarantee the much needed growth and success of your company. Even though many mid-size business owners are aware of this fact, they still make some mistakes that can be quite costly in the long run. Now let’s highlight the 5 most common branding mistakes, so you can avoid the negative effects that they create.
1. Bad Visuals
As you are probably aware, visual appeal is one of the crucial elements of your company’s branding and in case you don’t have unique and good visuals (logos, banners etc.) in your advertising strategy and even in your web design, your brand won’t be recognized as serious. In case you have a logo that was made by someone who doesn’t have professional experience in this field, then potential clients will look for another option. If you run a mid-size business, then you must hire a professional designer that can at least evaluate and modernize/stylize your logo. So, you don’t have to come up with a completely new logo, but making it look more professional is always a good idea. Perform some research before you hire a designer because not all of them provide the same quality. (1)
2. Lack of consistency
When we say lack of consistency, we mean the visual aspect of your brand and the way your brand looks on different channels. Your brand must follow the same principles and represent the values your company has. In other words, you can’t opt for funny commercials in one marketing channel and serious on another especially not at the same time. Your brand must be consistent and show a certain degree of quality. Your existing and prospective clients must be sure that you will deliver what you have promised (2). So, next time when they see your logo, they will know that they are looking at a sign of quality. For example, if your business belongs to the pet food industry, you can’t discuss foods in general on your website or social media channels. In this way you will only confuse your targeted audience and you will lose their interest. Lack of consistency also means delivering products with high quality for one month and delivering products with very low quality in the following month. Keep consistency and follow your mission and vision.
3. Lack of introspection
If you are trying to maintain your brand and make it even stronger, you should be focused on the way the audience perceives your business. If you want to get the best results, you must be realistic and objective. This means that you have to put yourself in the shoes of clients from time to time. By performing introspection and improving self-awareness, you will be able to get closer to your loyal and potential clients and customers. Even large corporations are trying to improve the bond with their clients. No one wants to deal with a soulless corporation that looks like it doesn’t care about their clients’ opinions.
4. Not using your logo enough
Your logo is not there just to use it in ads or on your website. Using your logo on your business cards, invoices, email messages, social media profiles and promotional materials is a must. This is one of the basic elements of your brand so use every chance to highlight it. Just think about this – what is the first association when someone mentions some of the big brands? – Their products and their logos.
5. Not providing sufficient space for growth
Most businesses have two goals – success and growth. When we are taking care of our branding, we usually think about the things we have now. This is good basis for brand building and developing, but the fact is that we must look in the future too. In case you have recently turned your small business into a mid-size business, you should definitely consider rebranding. This is the simplest way to provide space for growth.
Finally, we should remember that branding in general is a complex and rewarding process. However, if we are doing this wrong we risk hurting our businesses.
(1) http://www.8waysin8days.com/8-reasons-appearance-everything-brands/
(2) http://www.northstarmarketing.com/2015/05/07/the-difference-between-a-good-brand-and-a-great-brand-consistency/


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