Some Guerilla Marketing Techniques for Your Small Enterprise

Posted by Carl Gould on May 17, 2016

Guerilla marketing is not an animal it’s a technique used to create a buzz in the market using all powerful methods of advertising. It’s the most creative and amazing marketing tool to help relieve the susceptible audiences from trap of high cost advertising and brands. Guerilla marketing is known for generating effective results within budgets using standardized concepts and marketing methods. If you’re an emerging business and the one, certain guerilla marketing strategies will be of great help to color your entrepreneurship with success.

Stay Pleasing

Start promoting your product using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Invite your friends and family to like your page and then use those numbers as leverage to gain some credibility with outsiders. Tweet and follow people whom you think are the right consumer for your business keeping your conversations pleasing yet enticing. Reach out to media by posting many colorful statuses and   videos of your business/workplace. This will help identity you and brand in the market.

Grab Attention

Go for offline advertising methods. Rent a projector and a wall projecting massive branded videos of your product/services to grab audience’s attention. You can too utilize street walls for pasting stickers and posters and display your commercial existence in the market.

Amaze By Moves

Ask for help from a renowned dancing or musical band to promote your product. Here, the dancers will wear t-shirts with your company’s logo during their performances. It could be more like opting for a road show and make it amazingly gripping.

Target Admirers

Though this one sounds like an out of the box thing for an emerging business kind but if you could just spend a little money on cinema and advertising can help expand your business. Your product will be advertised in a movie to reach out to the audiences. Basically, when people watch a movie they somewhere associate themselves with their favorite character and try adopting his/her behavior and utility of products they incline buying that product no matter if they like it or not. This type of guerilla marketing is more useful than mere TV advertisements as it has an indirect appeal on consumers being movie viewers and not ad viewers.

Use powerful and most intriguing ways of guerilla marketing mixing along branding and other technical tools for rigorous outputs. Take help of The 7 Stages best business coach for your small business today. Visit for more details.


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